Double Dragon Online

Double Dragon online is a videogame in a "Beat 'em up" genre, developed by Technos Japan in 1987 and released in North America and Europe by Taito Corporation. Later it was ported to many game systems.

Technically the game was the successor of a more early Technos product - Nekketsu Kouha Kunio Kun, but provided a player some innovation (cooperative game mode for two players, opportunity to use opponent's weapon, etc.)

The original version of the game didn't have any plot, however later released versions for different platforms contained brief inteoduction in user's manual, in which it was said that the action of the game takes place in post-appocalyptic New York 5 years after the nuclear war. The town is controlled by different criminal bands. Two main characters - Hammer and Spike (named Billy and Jimmy Lee in ported versions), masters of fictionous fighting art Sosetsuken (considered to be hint at jitkhundow, fighting style, developed by Bruce Lee).

Once upon a time bandits of the biggest New York band, Black Warriors, kidnap Marion, Billy's girlfriend, and Lee brothers set off to save her. In NES version Jimmy turns out to be a real leader of Black Warriors.

Double Dragon game is a seqel that includes two other arcade fightings - Double Dragon II: The Revenge (1988) and Double Dragon 3: The Rosetta Stone (1990).

In 1992 Technos released a version for SNES named Super Double Dragon.

In 1993 Tradewest releases the game Battle Toads & Double Dragon developed by Rare Ltd., which was a crossover of Double Dragon and Battle Toads characters.

In 1994 Tradewest released the game Double Dragon V: The Shadow Falls developed by Leland Interactive Media.

You can play Double Dragon classic directly on this page.

Use W, A, S, D to move, B to jump, N to punch, and M to kick.