Double Dragon Download

Original Double Dragon is another brilliant classic of arcade genre, released for almost all existing platforms of that time and later.

The action in Double Dragon classic takes place in New York of the nearest future. Chinese brothers Bily and Jimmy Lee, who have mastered the secrets of ancient martial art Sou-Setsu-Ken, manage a small fighting school and hardly make both ends meet. But on one evil day bandits from "Black warriors" gang led by some guy named Willy, kidnap Billy's girlfriend and demand from the brothers the secrets of their fighting style in exchange for the girl's life. The two brothers certainly refuse and decide to save their friend by their own means.

It's not necessary to study the game interface. It is easy to understand from the first minute of play: it's a platformer type game where you control one of the charaters (or both in two players mode) and consequently clean up screens-levels from various enemies, picking up bonuses and weapon on their way. Your character can jump and climb the ladders. One should note an exceptional for such genre variety of hold with hand and feet as well as very impressive set of helpful items for fighting: almost every object you find (from baseball bat to a basket with fruit) may be turned into weapon.

The graphics are very good for the year of release though its level on NES is lower than in Double Dragon remakes on other platforms. As a conclusion we should say that it is a classic game that introduced many new features into the genre and doesn't need to be assessed.

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