Double Dragon Flash

Here is a classic beat-them-up game. Double Dragon gained extreme popularity in late 80-s. Many of us played the game of this series, but most players consider Taito or Tradewest to be the creator of it, however in fact Double Dragon was produced by Technos Japan company. This was the very game that brought the company the fame and love of players. Though it should be noted that in 1987 when Double Dragon ROM appeared, Technos was already famous in Japan for a dozen of games it had produced.

Double Dragon game is a story of Billy and Jimmy in criminalized future New York. Twin brothers who learned Sou-Setsu-Ken combat style, are the heads of a small martial arts school, teaching their students self- defence. Once Billys girlfriend Marion while walking in the street was suddenly captured by "Black Warriors", a criminal group of New York headed by Willy. The gang offers Billy to exchange his fighting skills and secrets for the freedom of Marion. The brothers set their way to eliminate Black Warriors and rescue the girl.

By using fighting holds and weapon Lee brothers have to pursue the gang through urban slums, industrial district and woods up to the shelter in order to finaly confront the main boss Willy.

This first series of Double Dragon created a furore in emerging gamers' society and it even served as a basis for a plot of a movie of the same name, which unfortunately was a total fail. The game did much better, in some ways because it entered the market during the start of beat-em-up genre boom. It was the next step after previous Technos game Target Renegade, many mistakes and bottlenecks of which had been elimininated in Double Dragon.

You can play Double Dragon flash, swf-file, on the main page. Here you may play a Java version.

Enter to start the game. Then use arrows, Z and X to play Double Dragon Online.

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